Delivering high quality affordable medicines to millions of patients worldwide

Glenmark has worked towards improving the lives of patients globally. In the pursuit of this mission, Glenmark has focused on building a global Innovative/Specialty, Generics and OTC business in the therapy areas of Dermatology, Respiratory and Oncology. It also has strong regional/country-specific presence in other therapeutic areas like diabetes, cardiovascular and oral contraceptives.

Research & Development
Innovation is at the core of everything we do. It has been our endeavor to continuously innovate to improve lives of patients globally. In this quest, Glenmark is committed to address needs in the therapy areas of dermatology, oncology andrespiratory. Today we have a strong pipeline of specialty products and innovative molecules. Click here to view our Specialty/Innovative R&D Pipeline.

Focus on high quality formulations
Glenmark has focused on developing branded and generic formulations for over 4 decades positively impacting lives globally. In branded formulations, we are focused on developing innovative products for markets such as India, Russia & CIS, Brazil, Asia and Africa. The focus has been to develop products across dermatology, respiratory, cardio-metabolic therapy areas for the patients. In generics, we are developing high quality affordable products for markets such as US and Europe.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Glenmark Life Sciences (GLS), an independent unit of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, manufactures a range of high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for customers worldwide. Over the years, the company has established strong relationships with leading global generic pharmaceutical companies that have helped expand product offerings and geographic reach. GLS works with 16 of the 20 largest generic companies globally. This work spans the entire spectrum of the value chain, from research & development to scale up, manufacturing and delivery. Together, these support customers all the way from product identification & development to commercialization and life cycle management.