We are creating centers of excellence in dermatology, oncology and respiratory therapy. The effort is to develop advance therapies to enrich the lives of patients worldwide.

Our Therapeutic Strength

We dedicate ourselves to address the unmet medical needs of patients through innovation. We believe that the best way to help patients and meet their evolving needs is by focusing on discovering novel molecules and products for targeted therapies. Dermatology, Oncology and Respiratory are the focus areas for Glenmark.

Our journey began 40 years ago with our first product ‘Candid’, which has stood the test of time to remain a market leader even today across multiple geographies. Glenmark is committed to insuring patients get the best treatment available by developing breakthrough medicines in this therapy segment.

Despite numerous scientific breakthroughs, cancer still claims millions of lives, which is why we endeavour to redefine cancer treatment by producing life changing medicines. Our scientists have developed promising clinical candidates targeting oncology indications using BEAT®, Glenmark’s propriety best-in-class platform.

Glenmark is prepared to emerge as a proficient end-to-end provider of respiratory products and devices worldwide, courtesy of our capable team, strong research infrastructure and cutting-edge manufacturing resources.

We have more than 800 scientists in our R&D centres dedicated to finding new ways to enrich lives of patients and their families across the world.