What is BEAT®?
A best-in-class technology based on bio-mimicry

Engaging two targets with one bispecific antibody is an attractive concept to design new therapeutics. For the past 20 years, bispecific antibodies have been a challenge to the industry since all bispecific formats developed so far have had stability and/or manufacturing issues. BEAT® is a proprietary bispecific antibody platform of Glenmark.

scFv x FAB BEAT® format facilitates direct conversion of any antibody pair into one bispecific antibody

Key engineering features

  • Heavy chain heterodimerization technology based on bio-mimicry
  • Compatibility with standard antibody production processes
  • High production yields from proprietary expression cassettes
  • scFv x FAB format for versatile combinations: no common light or heavy chain requirement.

BEAT®antibodies have unique advantages which include a high production yield from a stable CHO cell line and a built-in purification system for manufacturing. BEAT antibodies have demonstrated high stability with expression yields over 2 g/l.

The technology is compatible with any type of antibody format but a scFv x FAB format has been developed to allow a “Plug & Play” approach wherein antibodies from either phage display or humanization can be paired without any restrictions.

BEAT® antibodies have been validated pre-clinically in cancer mouse models where they have shown comparable efficacy to other bispecific antibody platforms.

BEAT® is a registered trademark across major markets.