Bispecific Engagement by Antibodies based on the T cell receptor

The binding of at least two targets with one single bispecific antibody is an attractive concept to design new therapeutics. For the past 20 years, bispecific antibodies have been a challenge to the industry since all antibody formats developed so far have had stability and/or manufacturing issues.

Key Engineering Features
  • Heavy chain heterodimerization technology based on bio-mimicry
  • Compatibility with standard antibody production processes
  • High production yields from proprietary expression cassettes
  • scFv x FAB format for versatile combinations: no common light or heavy chain requirement
Unique Advantages
  • BEAT® antibodies are manufactured from a stable CHO cell line using standard processes
  • Ability to modify Fc mediated effector functions
  • Built-in purification technology facilitates manufacturing to commercial scale
  • Regular antibody pharmacokinetics
  • Low immunogenicity profile
  • scFv x FAB BEAT® antibodies are easily identifiable from their unique MW)