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Learning and Leadership Culture  

At Glenmark, we believe our human resources are integral to our growth and success. Our people are inspired and driven by the motto of enriching lives, and contribute every day to create a healthier and happier world. As a growing organization, we are able to provide a growth driven, thriving environment to our employees, enabling progressive and purposeful careers that enrich lives.


We invest in skill development and leadership training of our employees at all levels, which in turn helps them play a critical role in achieving our strategic objectives.

In a world where advances in learning make daily leaps, knowledge is a fast moving target. That is why we maintain an unwavering focus on upgrading knowledge. This enables our people from diverse backgrounds to think afresh and deepen their domain expertise swiftly. We invest in skill development and leadership training for our employees at all levels. The drive for knowledge enables our people to play a critical role in achieving our strategic objectives. We strive to provide a workplace that respects the diversity in culture, backgrounds, skills and experience of our global workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering diversity in the workplace, and are committed to practicing a culture of respect and dignity. We stringently adhere to all applicable human rights and workers’ rights laws in the geographies, where we operate.

A snapshot of our workforce in India
  • 10,563
    Total Number of Empolyee
  • 3,295
    Employees hired on temporary / contract basis
  • 648
    Women Employees

Employee Engagement 

At glenmark, we actively engage with our employees at all levels through a variety of formal and informal means. Our employee engagement initiatives follow the 3C Model of Connect – Communicate - Celebrate. Some of the employee engagement activities undertaken by us include:

  • Regular town-halls with employees
  • Drop boxes for employee feedback & suggestions
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • TAB (Take a Break) – monthly engagement activities
  • Festival celebrations

Employees enjoying a game of volleyball and tug of war as part of Fun Week celebrations

In addition, we seek feedback from our employees through various means including quick surveys, midyear reviews and training effectiveness assessments. As an organization, we also conduct periodic employee engagement surveys (branded as ‘I Say’) to design our short- term and long-term engagement plans.

Learning and Development 

In line with our commitment to empower our employees with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to excel, ‘The Glenmark Centre for Learning’ has been created with the objective of focused high quality learning and skill building. We follow a state of the art process to provide structured learning to our employees in an effective manner. The process involves:

  • Learning Need Analysis (LNA)
  • Structured programs based on LNA
  • Training Analytics

At Glenmark, we are also focused to develop our employees and coach them at all levels to build a robust pool of talented resources. Some of our contemporary practices to build competency across employee levels include:

  • Competency Framework

    Creating a robust Competency Framework for Leadership, Sales and the Research & Development cadres to aid focused hiring and development across levels throughout the organization.

  • Action Learning

    Developing and deploying a unique model for Line Managers in sales at Glenmark through a development program on the ‘Action Learning’ methodology. This program focuses on coaching sales representatives and first line managers on better science-based detailing, territory planning, goal setting and reviews.

  • E-Learning

    Introducing competency based annual e-learning curricula in 7 different languages for employees based at various locations across the globe.

  • Transition to E-Learning People Managers

    Initiatives focusing on capability building and coaching conversations to develop functional managers into people managers at various levels.

Few of the customized group-specific interventions are:

Sharp (Safety, Hygienic, Alertness, Responsibility and Professionalism): An initiative for aligning Glenmark’s operations towards ‘All Time Readiness’. Our view of all time readiness is to build an intrinsic culture of quality. Glenmark has developed and deployed all the necessary standard operating procedures as per cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) and GDP (Good Documentation Practices).

Career Path Development Centre: Designed for various roles across the organization with an objective of building a talent pipeline for the future.

GlenEagles: A flagship Leadership Development Program designed to develop and train potential future leaders in-house. It is an intensive program based on blended learning approach with a mix of training, coaching and action projects.

Employee Recognition 

Glenmark Believes in recognizing and appreciating the good performance of our people, as it boosts the morale of the high performers and aligns employee achievements with the company’s goals, values and mission. Our Reward and Recognition Policy provides specific guidelines on recognizing specific, unique, value added and critical performance within and beyond the defined performance objectives. Our rewards framework extends to all full-time employees across our global operations, including the subsidiary companies. ‘UExcel’- our global rewards and recognition platform, aims to recognize excellence as well as create aspirational benchmarks that motivate individuals and teams to perform better. It allows us to uphold and reinforce our organizational values. Further UExcel fosters a culture of breakthrough performance and collective celebration of achievements across all levels and areas of operation.

Employee excellence being recognized by our Chairman & Managing Director, Glenn Saldanha