Our unwavering commitment to patients

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted every business worldwide, and the pharmaceutical industry has been no exception. As a leading global pharmaceutical company, Glenmark has remained committed to fulfilling its responsibility towards patients worldwide.

Despite the many evolving and unforeseen challenges that we are met with every day, Glenmark has ensured no breaks to our medicine supply chain – both in India and the world. Our employees at the manufacturing sites are dedicatedly working on a rotational basis to continue production of our essential medicines and products, while those in our offices and R&D centres are working from home to ensure smooth backend business processes continue to operate to meet patient needs.

Expressing gratitude to those working on the frontlines

Support and appreciation for 50,000 law enforcement personnel across 12 Indian cities

Glenmark Foundation partnered with NGO RISE Infinity Foundation to provide its market leading Candid dusting powder to 50,000 police personnel in 12 cities across India. Police authorities working tirelessly on the frontlines of this pandemic often have to pull off long shift hours, and the heat and humidity of summer months can be an added challenge. The powder reduces the chance of fungal infections and keeps common skin issues such as itching and irritation at bay. RISE Infinity Foundation will coordinate the powder delivery through its network of partners, local NGOs and volunteers.

Feed the Frontline: a community outreach movement by The Philippines team

Glenmark's team in The Philippines pledged a whole week’s worth of food aid to frontline workers in some of the leading hospitals across Manila. This region has been chosen as the focus of outreach efforts as it has so far been the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Provision of much needed face shields and sanitizers in Myanmar’s most impacted city

Glenmark also distributed face shields and hand sanitizers to 3000 healthcare professionals in major hospitals in Yangon, which is the city most affected by the pandemic in Myanmar. The city has also recorded the highest number of patients till date.

Supply of much-in-demand PPE for the medical staff in Maharashtra

In India, Glenmark Foundation – the CSR arm of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals – has committed to provide “Personal Protective Equipment” or PPE to medical staff in the public health sector in Maharashtra. PPE includes N95 medical masks and gowns, gloves, eye and head protection gear, sanitizers, etc., all of which are in high demand for health workers. This intervention is of great significance, since the state of Maharashtra has so far recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in India. Glenmark Ukraine is supporting the National State ENT Institute by donating funds for PPE purchase. These funds are expected to go a long way in preventing the spread, localization and elimination of the coronavirus pandemic.

Health and medical check-ups for local law enforcement in Gujarat

In acknowledgement of the contribution of law enforcement agencies during this unprecedented time, Glenmark has conducted health and medical check-ups for 400+ local law enforcement personnel in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. We have also provided masks and hand sanitizers to all officers present for the check-ups.

Glenmark and the Government

Glenmark is working closely with governments and related organizations to identify and support the evolving needs of society during the pandemic.

In an effort to support national and state government interventions to curb the pandemic, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has contributed to the PM CARES and the CM Funds of Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Sikkim and Goa.

In the state of Himachal Pradesh, Glenmark is working hard to provide on-ground support to the Government’s health system. Together with our NGO partner Institute for Global Development (IGD), we are working directly with the State’s Block Medical Officer (BMO) to provide essential maternal and child healthcare services to high risk cases in the region.

In the United States, Glenmark has pledged financial support for the food service program in two federal government schools in New Jersey. The Monroe Woodbury School in NY and the Passaic school district in NJ are both located in COVID-19 affected zones. There are a lot of children for whom access to school lunches was cut off due to school closures amid the pandemic. The food program running at this crucial time will benefit both the mental and physical wellbeing of the local children, by ensuring continued access to school-provided meals.

Critical support to vulnerable groups in society

Giving back to the community has always been a Glenmark priority. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have further strengthened our community efforts to address pressing challenges faced by our most vulnerable populations: pregnant and lactating women, undernourished children, and migrants and daily wagers.

Supporting old age homes, orphanages, and underserved families

The Glenmark team in Goa has identified and extended support to the elderly in Karunalaya and Sant Gadge Maharaj Ashram old age homes in Pirna and Bicholim; and to children in the ASRO Orphanage.

They also reached out to underserved families in Guirim, Goa, and distributed food baskets with essential grocery items such as rice, pulses, flour, oil, and biscuits. As these groups do not have family support to rely on during the health crisis, the Goa team’s outreach has made a meaningful impact in the community.

Providing essentials to migrants in Maharashtra through The Jeevan Rath Collaborative

More than fifty public and private organisations in Maharashtra, including Glenmark Foundation, came together to address the urgent food and health needs of migrants amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Essentials include food, water and sanitary napkins.

Glenmark is also part of a group of technical and regulatory bodies, alongside the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and UNICEF, which is planning to train at least 1000 Sanitary Inspectors and a few Deputy Municipal Commissioners from 27 Municipal Corporations and 131 Urban Local Bodies on issues critical to controlling the pandemic such as risk communication, infection prevention and control, environmental sanitation and hygiene and waste management.

Over 5 million meals for vulnerable and at-risk communities in India

Glenmark has pledged 5 million meals for undernourished children, pregnant women, and daily wage earners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This intervention is of great significance, as these groups have been identified as vulnerable populations and lack the resources to fight a serious infectious disease like COVID-19.

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Strengthening Women and Child healthcare efforts

Women and child healthcare has always been a focus area for Glenmark’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. We recognize that women who fall under the ‘high risk pregnancy’ bracket and undernourished children are more susceptible to infections such as COVID-19.

Along with our NGO partners, Glenmark Foundation is providing psychological support to 10,000 lactating mothers and pregnant women through tele-counselling. Additionally we are undertaking vaccination, attending to women undergoing antennal care (ANC), and postnatal care (PNC), and providing health support to children and other patients.

Glenmark Foundation, with its NGO partner Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti, is distributing essential food baskets for 2500 undernourished children & 500 pregnant women in 70 tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh. Beneficiaries are receiving essential goods such as rice, pulses, edible oil and soap for a period of two months through this outreach.

Food aid for migrant and daily wage workers

The migrant population and daily wage earners are amongst the most vulnerable populations in India during this pandemic. The Glenmark Indore team has teamed up with local administration to provide 10,000 meals for daily wage earners in Indore, in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Similarly, the Glenmark team in Himachal Pradesh has pledged support for 5000 migrant workers including their families, and is providing them essential food grains through the local administration.

Another key intervention is support to underserved tribal populations on the outskirts of Mumbai. Most of the men and women from villages around Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), Mumbai are tribals, and rely solely on skilled areas such as handicrafts, gardening, cooking and so on to earn their livelihood. The current crisis has taken away their source of income leaving them vulnerable to hunger and exploitation. Glenmark is extending support to these vulnerable communities by ensuring adequate monthly supply of food grains to 10 tribal hamlets in the region.

Glenmark also provided over 1500 migrant workers with food packets and water in Goa before their boarded their special trains and headed home.

Embracing technology to expand access to healthcare

Icall - a socio-psychological helpline, for cancer patients and their caregivers in India

Glenmark Foundation, a CSR arm of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited in partnership with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) initiated iCALL services for cancer patients and their caregivers in India to ensure psychosocial wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

iCALL is a technology assisted counselling helpline which provides the services over telephone, email and chat. It addresses the psychosocial needs of people in distress in a gender sensitive manner. It caters to individuals across all age groups (with a special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents, women and elderly). The helpline provides information, emotional support, psychotherapy and referral linkages. It is managed by trained counsellors who have a basic educational background in psychology. These counsellors actively and supportively listen to individual’s disclosures of emotional distress.

This is a professionally run, confidential and anonymous service. In additon to English, the services are available in several Indian regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Konkani and Gujarati to make the counselling process comfortable for clients.

Telemedicine for 200,000 people in 69 villages of Solan District, Himachal Pradesh

The Indian government has recently approved telemedicine as an effective means of reaching vulnerable populations during the pandemic, to provide timely care while still ensuring social distancing. Glenmark Foundation has so far mobilized a battery of medical doctors with various specialisations who have committed support for the on-call service. This intervention is targeted to benefit 200,000 people in 69 villages of Solan District in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This intervention has also been done in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Telehealth solution for 15 villages covering 37,000 people of Gujarat

Glenmark Foundation is proud to launch a telehealth solution with our NGO partner Institute for Global Development (IGD), which will follow the guidelines framed by governors of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and NITI Aayog. The remote health offering is expected to help expand access to quality patient care, especially to regions and underserved populations that need it the most in this time of crisis.

Support to non-government organizations (NGOs) in Russia, U.S., Germany and U.K.

Over the last 9 years, Glenmark Russia has been supporting children from the Lukhtonovo orphanage in the Vladimir region of the country. The team has consistently tried to make a difference in improving the living conditions at the orphanage through financial support for regular repair and maintenance work, provision of household essentials, clothes etc. Continuing its nearly decade-long support to the orphanage, Glenmark Russia has successfully arranged for a delivery of USD 700 worth of disinfectants and sanitizing items, which are currently in high demand in the region during the pandemic. The team has donated items such as rubber gloves, liquid disinfectants for washing multi-surfaces and soap, toilet paper and sanitary items.

Glenmark has also provided financial support to the Center for Food Action in the U.S. The Center for Food Action (CFA) is a non-profit organization that provides emergency services to northern New Jersey's poorest and most vulnerable residents. Donations from local businesses and communities allow the Center for Food Action to “nourish those in need throughout northern New Jersey; keep bellies full and the lights on for our neighbors in crisis” says Patricia Espy, CFA Executive Director.

Glenmark supports the regional project "Help the Helpers". This project of the City of Munich in Germany supports people on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic - in hospitals, rescue services, old age and nursing homes and other social organizations. Glenmark's financial donation will go to the Corona Station of the Hospital Großhadern as part of this project. The donation will help maintain the working capacity of employees, and to purchase new work shoes for the entire health team, as the existing shoes were discarded for hygiene reasons. Part of the donation was also used to buy food, coffee, and refreshments for the nursing staff.

The COVID-19 outbreak has increased the rates of homelessness around the world, leaving thousands of communities vulnerable. Glenmark’s UK team has pledged support to these underprivileged communities, through financial aid to the Herts Young Homeless (hyh) charity in Hertfordshire, England. The charity focuses on homelessness prevention - from school education and family mediation through to supporting 16-24 year olds in their first homes or caring for adults of all ages with mental health issues and housing needs. With Glenmark’s donation, hyh has been able to increase supplies of essential items such as food, nappies and medicine, making a real impact and difference to local, vulnerable young people affected by the health crisis. Further, recognizing the invaluable efforts of frontline healthcare workers, Glenmark UK has donated daily fruit boxes to Watford General Hospital, to provide a quick and easy source of nutrition for those fighting the pandemic.

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