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Creating an Enriched Experience for Glenmarkians

As an organisation, we believe that our success relies on the collective success of our people. The Glenmark philosophy inculcates the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Glenmarkians by empowering them with the freedom to drive business outcomes independently.

Glenmark Brazil Team


from 60 nationalities

We promote continuous development by aligning our employee’s career aspirations with our organisational goals. Employee development is driven through a blend of experience based learning, developmental relationships and focused interventions. These interventions are led by the Glenmark Centre of Learning (GCL).

We have a diverse team with people from 60 nationalities

with varying backgrounds and experiences and we value the contributions of all our colleagues. This is reflected in our policies and practices across the organisation. It also extends to celebrating local festivals across the globe, international events and individual and team milestones as a part of the Glenmark family.

Some of our key people programmes are:

The Leadership

The initiative was introduced in May 2017 with the objective to ‘connect, communicate and collaborate’ with employees across the globe. We used the power of technology to provide a platform for senior leadership to interact with employees and align them with the business strategy. Each session was attended by close to 7,500 employees from 50 countries.


By listening to our employees and acting on what we hear, we make Glenmark a better place to work. ISay, our employee engagement platform, is built around the concept of continuous listening. Our periodic global ISay surveys enable us to remain attuned with the pulse of employee opinion and thereby create a meaningful employee experience. During FY18, about 94% of our colleagues across the world participated in the ISay survey


At Glenmark, recognition goes hand in hand with achievement right from appreciating the small wins every day to celebrating the global business accomplishments. U-excel, our reward and recognition framework, empowers employees to recognise individuals and teams on an ongoing basis for high performance, living our values and demonstrating the behaviours that ensure the success of the organisation as a whole.

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