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Adding Value through Differentiated and Innovative Offerings

Glenmark is well on its way to establishing itself globally as an innovation-led pharmaceutical company. We are just a few steps away from launching our first branded, specialty product in the global market in the respiratory segment. Our Novel Molecular Entities (NMEs), the pipeline built over a decade of investments in new drug research and development (R&D), are making progress in the clinic.

We are notching up approvals of advanced generic products such as inhalers where challenges of technology and development ensure fewer players in the otherwise highly competitive global generics market. None of this would have been possible without the resources and experience brought by 40 years of serving patients all over the world.

Since its inception in 1977 as a Company focused on the Indian market, Glenmark has grown exponentially to reach millions of patients all over the world with solutions for both acute and chronic disease conditions ranging from allergies to cancer. Unmet patient needs led to the launch of our flagship brand in the Indian market 40 years ago and is also the core principle guiding our over-a decade- old foray into researching novel therapies for challenging health conditions in our focus therapy areas.

The key enablers of our business, including trusted brands built over four decades, continue to power our quest for novel solutions to enrich patients’ lives. This strong foundation gives us the confidence to aim high in our goal to emerge as an innovation-led organisation over the next decade.

A Member of Glenmark’s R&D Team in Switzerland

In nearly four decades, our respiratory franchise has gone from strength to strength. Glenmark’s stalwart brands such as Ascoril and Alex have helped thousands of patients in India and other emerging markets counter acute respiratory conditions such as cough, asthma, emphysema and bronchitis. Their trustworthy and reliable reputation is cemented in the minds of prescribers and patients alike. We have invested not just in the products, but also in ways to improve the customer’s experience and ultimately, outcomes.

Ascoril and Alex in India

Glenmark’s stalwart
brands such as Ascoril
and Alex
have helped
thousands of patients
in India and other
emerging markets
to counter acute
respiratory conditions
such as cough, asthma,
emphysema and

India accounts for 1/4
of all deaths globally
caused by

COPD and asthma

Since 2016, bottles of Ascoril cough syrup have additional labelling on appropriate dosing regimes. Though not mandated by Indian law, our new label contains information to make the patient aware of the correct use of Ascoril in order to prevent misuse. Since 2011, we have packed in a handy, colour-coded measuring cup with Ascoril cough syrup bottles to ensure that patients measure out the liquid accurately for safe and effective dosing. As the makers of a pioneer product in the Indian cough syrups market, this is an acknowledgment of our responsibility to the patient and the prescriber.

With Alex, our over 28-year-old brand of cough medicine, we have improved patient adherence to therapy with differentiated offerings for the entire age spectrum from children to elderly. A separate sugar-free preparation for diabetics has a substantially lower glycemic index of 4 compared with 65 in the conventional preparation, thus helping diabetics to use it without an adverse impact on glycemic control.

While supporting and investing in our warhorses, we have also responded to the evolving market and patient needs. Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) are two such areas that present the opportunity for new offerings to improve patient compliance, adherence to therapy and outcomes. According to the latest Global Burden of Disease study, India accounts for a quarter of all deaths globally from the two most chronic respiratory diseases, COPD and asthma. There are about 35 Mn asthmatics in India. About 40% of them have uncontrolled asthma and over 60% have partially controlled asthma.

Digihaler – India’s first Digital Dose Inhaler (Available only in India)

In 2016, we launched Digihaler, India's first digital inhaler that provides accurate dose tracking to patients and doctors. Conventional inhalers hold the risk of misleading the patient on actual dose count remaining in the inhaler, thus exposing the patient to 'pseudoadherence' where they are unaware that the drug has begun to tail-off. Digihaler enables exact dose tracking and alerts the patient when the doses are over, leading to appropriate use of the inhaler and better asthma control. It is priced at the same level as conventional inhalers to maximise access to Indian patients.

Rank 4

in Respiratory1 in India

1 IQVIA data

Among Top 4

in the expectorants market
in Russia

Our strong branded respiratory drugs franchise has made a mark outside India too. Glenmark is in the Top 4 in the expectorants market in Russia.

Ascoril Range In Russia

Brands such as Ascoril and the anti-infective Glevo are powering our growth in Russia. Ascoril is a 20-year-old brand in Russia and ranks number one and number two in terms of prescriptions by paediatricians and General Physicians (GPs) respectively, according to the data from Ipsos-Comcon and PrIndex.


1 No. of prescriptions by

2 No. of prescriptions
         by GPs

We are strengthening this franchise further with new launches such as Momate Rhino Advance, a unique combination of the drugs mometasone and azelastine for seasonal allergic rhinitis, launched in 2016-17. This is the first combination topical nasal spray available in Russia and helps to improve compliance as it combines two drugs in one. The recent registration of this product for perennial rhinitis means that many more patients stand to benefit from this novel combination.

Momate Rhino Advance in Russia

In line with our 40-year endeavour to make affordable drugs available to patients all over the world, our development team has reverse engineered several blockbuster innovator drugs whose patent terms have come to an end. In parallel, our in-licensing team has successfully scouted for technologies that we can develop and commercialise in global generic markets.

First substitutable generic of Glaxosmithkline’s Seretide® Accuhaler®
Available in select countries of Europe

A recent instance of this is our launch of the first substitutable generic of GlaxoSmithKline’s Seretide® Accuhaler® (fluticasone propionate/salmeterol xinafoate dry powder inhaler) for asthma and COPD in Denmark in May, 2018. Glenmark had entered into a strategic development & licensing agreement with Celon Pharma S.A.(Celon) to develop and market this product in 15 European countries in 2015. In December 2017, Glenmark successfully closed the registration procedure for generic Seretide® in the Nordic region and is awaiting more marketing, substitution and pricing approvals in this region.

The Denmark regulatory approval allows our competitively priced generic to be substituted for the innovator brand, leading to savings for the country’s national health system. Generic Seretide® Accuhaler® marks our entry into the global respiratory generics segment and will be followed by launches in several other markets

We are increasingly using partners to augment our product portfolio with innovative offerings. In the respiratory area, NebzmartTM is an example of this.

NebzmartTM, a product inlicensed from Taiwan’s MicroBase Technologies, uses active mesh nebulizing technology to enable

patients such as children, elderly and the physically challenged to correctly administer inhaled therapies for asthma and COPD to improve outcomes. An average 50% of patients incorrectly use their MDI or DPI devices, leading to poor drug delivery, which results in uncontrolled diseases. NebzmartTM is a nebulization inhalation device that provides a viable alternative to MDIs and DPIs as it does not require a special technique for drug administration. Its active vibrating mesh technology platform is an improvement over conventional jet nebulizers as it is quieter and enables quicker, more efficient delivery of the medication. Glenmark has already launched the NebzmartTM complete nebulization

care kit in countries such as India, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya and South Africa, with launches planned in more countries.

NebzmartTM Available In India, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya And South Africa

  Available by prescription only

In the last decade, we have proactively invested in proprietary innovation to expand our product basket and provide novel solutions to patients facing intractable problems. Ryaltris TM our proprietary treatment for allergic rhinitis, and a number of Novel Molecular Entities (NMEs) in our respiratory pipeline are a strong validation of these efforts.

The development of RyaltrisTM is a significant milestone for Glenmark as it is our first branded, specialty product globally. In May 2018, Glenmark submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) with the US FDA for this innovative product for seasonal allergic rhinitis. RyaltrisTM is an investigational, fixed-dose combination nasal spray of an antihistamine (olapatadine hydrochloride 665 mcg) and a steroid (mometasone furoate 25 mcg). It was studied in seven clinical trials with over 4,000 patients. RyaltrisTM demonstrated statistically significant improvement in both reflective and instantaneous scores (TNSS) as compared to individual monotherapies. Since 2017, studies on its pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy have been presented at prestigious forums organised by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology and published in the reputed journal, Allergy and Asthma Proceedings.

Glenmark plans to commercialise the product in global markets either on its own or through partnerships. We have recently forged an exclusive licensing agreement with Seqirus Pty. Ltd. to commercialise RyaltrisTM in Australia and New Zealand in exchange for upfront payment, regulatory and commercial milestone payments.

Glenmark has also successfully concluded a Phase 3 safety study of RyaltrisTM in perennial allergic rhinitis in the US. The trial met its primary end point of being well-tolerated - a majority of the treatment-emergent adverse events were mild-tomoderate in severity.

According to recent data, seasonal allergic rhinitis affects over 17 Mn adults each year in the US. Worldwide, allergic rhinitis affects between 10% and 30% of the population1. It is the primary diagnosis in over 11 Mn doctor’s

Between 10% and 30%

of the global
population suffers from
allergic rhinitis1

< 17 Mn adults

in the US affected
by seasonal allergic
rhinitis every year3

Allergic rhinitis is the
primary diagnosis in
over 11 Mn doctor’s
visits annually and is
estimated to affect
more than 7% of adults
aged 18 and over in
the US1,2

Maps are not drawn to scale and are for visual representation only

1 Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2012, Tables 3 and 4.
2 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2010 Summary Tables, Table 13.
3 Centres for Disease Control

visits annually and is estimated to affect more than 7% of adults aged 18 and over in the US1,2.

RyaltrisTM, once launched, will be a testimony to our ability to develop and commercialise proprietary specialty pharmaceuticals. RyaltrisTM is one of the three investigational treatments in Glenmark’s respiratory pipeline that is specifically aimed at addressing the global public health burden of allergic rhinitis, asthma and COPD.

A Member Of Glenmark's R&D Team In Switzerland

GRC 39815 is being investigated as an inhaled treatment for COPD and is currently in preclinical studies. It is an inhibitor of the Retinoidrelated Orphan Receptor gamma t (ROR y t). Based on the most recent estimates, COPD affects approximately 64 Mn people worldwide. COPD is an incurable disease and is the third leading cause of death worldwide.

64 Mn

people affected by
COPD globally

3rd leading

cause of death
worldwide is COPD

Asthma affects an estimated 300 Mn people worldwide and the morbidity and economic burden is significant, with approximately 240,000 asthma-related deaths per year. CIU is a common skin disease that presents as spontaneously occurring hives or welts. It occurs across all age groups and about 1% of the population suffers from a chronic form of the disease.

Glenmark’s respiratory pipeline is a strong indicator of our intention to continue serving unmet medical needs of patients all over the world.

1% of the global

suffers from a Chronic
Idiopathic Urticaria

GBR 310 has the
potential to be among
the first biosimilar
to be
submitted to the US
FDA for approval

Nearly 40 years ago, when we sowed the seeds of our India business, we chose to launch our flagship brand in the underserved niche of anti-fungal treatments. There was a need for more and better offerings, but relatively little interest from the drug industry because of the limited market size.

Candid cream, our brand of the anti-fungal drug clotrimazole launched in 1979, became the precursor to an entire range of dermatological products that have earned the respect and loyalty of prescribers and patients. Glenmark’s dermatology franchise is a leader in the antifungal segment and has expanded its product basket to include treatments for chronic skin and hair problems such as psoriasis and hair loss. Our focus on bringing innovative solutions to patients in tandem with our success in dermatology has given us the momentum to develop completely new treatments for challenging skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

As the Candid range prepares to celebrate four decades in the Indian market, we have much to be proud of. Even though its success has bred more competition, it continues to be the brand of choice for GPs and dermatologists. Much of this has to do with our focus on prescriber engagement and measures to improve patient awareness and compliance to treatment over the years.

According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, the current challenge with anti-fungal treatment is disease recurrence. An important reason for this is non-adherence to the three-week therapy. Tubes of anti-fungal ointment have always been available in small pack sizes

that do not last three weeks. But patients often don’t buy another tube, leading to incomplete therapy. In July 2017, Glenmark launched an affordable 50 gm pack that lasts for the full three weeks, thus helping patients to complete therapy.

In April 2018, we unveiled a ninemonth- long campaign called ‘Fungal Se Dangal’ to establish the concept of fungal recurrence from residual spore load and non-adherence to therapy among GPs. The campaign asked doctors to share helpful tips to avoid fungal infection recurrence, thus focusing their attention on patient counselling and engaging 12,000 doctors in the process.

Over the decades, the Candid range has expanded to include gels, powders, lotions and other line extensions in which we continue to invest. Candid Dusting Powder, a prescription leader in anti-fungal skin infections, is now a leading product even in the overthe- counter (OTC) business.

Rank 2

in Dermatology1 in India

1IQVIA data

Candid Cream In India

Candid is available not just in India, but also in several other emerging markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In Russia, eight different products are available under the Candid umbrella brand. According to IQVIA MAT May 2018 data, Candid ranks among the Top 4 brands in the skin mycoses market. According to an Ipsos - Comcon PrIndex study, Candid mouth paint leads recommendations issued by paediatricians for the treatment of oral candidiasis. Candid mouth paint has also been recognised by the Russian Dental Association.

Built on Candid, our dermatological franchise in Russia has followed its success up with other products. For instance, in May 2015, we launched Oflomil, the first generic of amorolfine 5%, an anti-fungal nail lacquer, as an OTC product which has grown rapidly to become our second largest brand in Russia.

Top - 10

Dermatology company in the commercial
Russian market

Candid Range in Russia

Top - 4

Brand Candid in the
skin mycoses market
in Russia1

1IQVIA MAT May 2018

Oflomil was chosen as the topmost brand in the anti-fungal segment by voters of the Public Recognition Award given to the most popular brands. The success of Candid and Oflomil, among others, has made Glenmark Russia a Top 10 dermatology company in the commercial market in Russia.

Oflomil Nail Lacquer In Russia

Brand No. 1

Oflomil nail lacquer
amongst anti-fungal
products in Russia1

Similarly, Glenmark saw an unmet need for proven therapy that tackles the principal cause of hair loss — the disruption of the hair growth cycle. Hair loss is a widespread, global occurrence. It is estimated that more than 50% of men will experience hair loss symptoms before they turn 50 years old, while 60% of women will see some form of hair loss through their lives.

Nourkrin®, a product range that we in-licensed from the dermacuetical innovator Pharma Medico of Denmark, induces hair follicles back into the growth phase

by reintroducing specific proteoglycan components that play a role in the hair growth cycle. Nourkrin® Woman is the first launch from the range in India and will be followed by others in a phased manner. The product is also being launched in Russia.

> 60% of all women will
experience some form
of hair loss in their lives

Nourkrin® Woman In India

Aprezo in India

In October 2017, we launched the psoriasis drug Apremilast for the first time in the Indian market under the brand name Aprezo after we found a glaring need for oral therapy that is safe, effective, does not require continuous monitoring of side-effects and is convenient to take.

Aprezo, available in tablet form, has an acceptable side-effect profile with no major adverse effects especially on vital organs such as the liver and the kidneys.

It is effective: studies have shown a 75% or more reduction in both spread and severity of the disease (PASI-75) within 16 weeks of treatment. Glenmark has focused on affordable pricing. Over 35,000 patients have already been treated with the product since launch.

We continue to scout for disease areas where we can make a meaningful difference to patients. We are now well on our way to developing a potentially best-in-class biological to treat moderateto- severe Atopic Dermatitis (AD), a chronic, immune-mediated inflammation of the skin. GBR 830, an investigational OX40 antagonist antibody, is being developed to target and inhibit pathologically activated T cells and effector memory T cells, which are involved in a variety of autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disorders.

GBR 830 has the
potential to be the
best-in-class OX40
antagonist antibody

In February 2018, we presented findings from a Phase 2a proofof- concept study evaluating the safety, biological and clinical activity and pharmacokinetics of GBR 830 at the prestigious American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in San Diego. The study findings suggest that GBR 830 has an effect on AD mechanisms and may result in meaningful improvement for patients. In May 2018, an oral presentation of biomarker data from the Phase 2a study was made at the International Investigative Dermatology (IID) Meeting. New data from the study demonstrated that treatment with GBR 830

resulted in observable modulation of biomarkers in both the acute and chronic stages of AD. A Phase 2b study has been initiated in the US and Europe. Glenmark is currently evaluating GBR 830 for a study in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. It has also initiated pre-clinical ex-vivo translational studies to evaluate GBR 830 in patients suffering from Ulcerative Colitis.

Atopic dermatitis is the most common inflammatory skin disease affecting up to 3% of the adult population and its prevalence has increased two to threefold over the last 100 years.

1% to 3% of adults

suffer from Atopic
Dermatitis (AD)

2x to 3x times

growth in AD prevalence
over the last 100 years

20% of children

suffer from AD

Glenmark has made available several drugs for cancer and chemotherapy-induced side-effects at affordable prices to the Indian patient. In 2006, we were the first to bring Aprepitant, an advanced drug for Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV), to the Indian market.

Our brand Aprecap has allowed more patients to complete chemotherapy treatment and encouraged doctors to give full-dose chemotherapy without worrying about tolerability or CINV-led dropout. Today, Aprecap is standard of care in CINV and has positively impacted the quality of life of patients on high or moderate emetogenic chemotherapy, who comprise 70% to 80% of all patients receiving chemotherapy.

Aprecap, Abirapro And Akynzeo In India

We were also the first to bring Abiraterone, an oral drug to treat asymptomatic patients of Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostrate Cancer as a viable alternative to being injected with chemotherapy drugs. Our brand Abirapro was launched at a discount to the innovator brand and after further price cuts, is the most economical brand of the drug in the Indian market. Abirapro has ensured that patients stay off chemotherapy for up to two years, leading to more compliance and better quality of life. Through our patient access programme, we provide free drugs and routine diagnosis to patients prescribed Abirapro; the drugs are delivered to their homes. Abirapro is now also indicated for asymptomatic Metastatic Castration Sensitive Prostrate Cancer.

In July 2018, we launched AKYNZEO®, an innovative fixeddose combination of two nausea drugs, Netupitan 300 mg and Palanosetron 0.5 mg, for CINV. AKYNZEO® is a single-dose capsule for each chemotherapy cycle that works on the two main pathways associated with acute and delayed phases of CINV and is the first such combination. This reduces the number and types of nausea drugs that patients have to take for CINV during treatment, thus improving patient compliance to chemotherapy while improving their quality of life. AKYNZEO® has been in-licensed from Helsinn, a Switzerland-based private pharmaceutical company.

Oncology is a dynamic, challenging field where there is an urgent need for more and different types of therapy that improve on the safety and efficacy of available drugs, increase the choice available to patients, including those with refractory cancer, and enhance survival rates. Glenmark’s breakthrough oncology pipeline is a step closer to meeting some of these objectives.

There are currently three candidates in the promising research area of Immuno-Oncology that are being studied in a wide range of tumour types.

These investigational compounds are based on our proprietary technology platform BEAT® (Bispecific Engagement by Antibodies based on the T cell receptor) and are known as bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) that can target more than one target in the body. With BEAT® technology, Glenmark’s scientists have been able to overcome past production obstacles encountered with bsAbs and can efficiently manufacture these molecules at a clinical and commercial scale. Preclinically, BEAT® bsAbs demonstrate the potential for more potent activity compared to existing therapeutic antibodies.

Our compounds GBR 1302, GBR 1342 and GBR 1372 are based on BEAT® technology. GBR 1302, a HER2xCD3 bsAb, targets HER2 expressing tumours, including those not responsive to standard of care; GBR 1342, a CD38XCD3 bsAb, targets CD38 positive tumours, including hematologic malignancies and solid tumours, and GBR 1372 is an EGFRxCD3 bsAb that targets EGFR positive tumours.

A Member Of Glenmark's R&D Team In Switzerland

GBR 1302 is Glenmark’s lead immuno-oncology candidate, currently in a first-in-human trial to determine maximum tolerated dose (MTD) in patients with a variety of HER2 positive cancers. Preclinical study results from redirected lysis assays suggest GBR 1302, in comparison to current 1st and 2nd line HER2 targeted monoclonal antibodies, exhibits faster and more complete killing of HER2+ tumour cells. If confirmed in clinical trials, GBR 1302 will constitute an innovative treatment for HER2 positive

558,005 - Breast
cancer cases

in the US, Japan and
five major EU markets

1 Datamonitor

cancers, including treatment resistant cancers. This Phase 1 trial is being expanded to explore higher doses of GBR 1302 and to examine potential clinical benefit of a once-weekly dosing regimen. Enrolment for the GBR 1302 clinical trial is currently ongoing in the US and Germany. In January 2018, we had announced a presentation of preliminary biomarker findings from the Phase 1 study of GBR 1302 at the ASCO-SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Symposium in San Francisco.

2nd leading cause

of cancer-related
mortality is breast

Glenmark entered into an exclusive license agreement for the Greater China territory to develop, manufacture and commercialise GBR 1302 with Harbour BioMed. GBR 1302 is representative of Glenmark’s commitment to the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics for unmet medical need, and the opportunity to work collaboratively with Harbour BioMed on this program, which brings extensive local experience, is very important to Glenmark.

One in five cases

are HER2 positive

A Member Of Glenmark's R&D Team In Mahape, India

GBR 1302, a HER2xCD3
is a potential
first-in-class treatment,
being studied in breast
and gastric cancers

GBR 1342, a CD38xCD3 bsAb based on Glenmark’s proprietary BEAT® platform, targets CD38, a clinical target in multiple myeloma and other malignancies of hematopoietic origin, as well as a variety of solid tumours. Results from preclinical assays in comparison to Daratumumab, an FDA-approved monoclonal antibody targeting CD38, suggest that GBR 1342 has a potent antitumour effect on patient-derived multiple myeloma cell lines.


expected patient population of MM in 20251

The first clinical study of GBR 1342 is currently recruiting and enrolling patients in the US. This first-in-human clinical study will evaluate the safety profile and MTD of GBR 1342 monotherapy in subjects with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma; elucidate the safety, tolerability and preliminary clinical activity of GBR 1342 at the MTD and characterise the immunomodulatory effects triggered by GBR 1342.

2nd most common
blood cancer

in the world is MM2


Multiple Myeloma (MM)
cases in the US, Japan
and five major EU
markets (EU5) in adults
aged 40 years or older

95% of patients

diagnosed with advanced disease3

Going forward, we will continue to invest in developing our existing pipeline and researching new therapies with the goal of helping patients overcome cancer.

1 Datamonitor
2 Ann Oncol (2010) 21 (suppl_7): vii143-vii150
3 National Cancer Institute. Cancer Stat Facts: Myeloma

In the last 20 years, Glenmark has made strides in improving awareness and affordability of novel therapies among Indian patients. The most stand-out example of this is our launch of Teneligliptin, a drug for Type 2 diabetes in a relatively new class of anti-diabetic agents known as DPP4 inhibitors. These inhibitors lower blood sugar effectively but without the side-effects of weight gain and hypoglycemia that are associated with older drugs. Our brands Ziten and Zita Plus have helped us prise open the DPP4 inhibitor market that was served by a few companies and had not reached its true potential on account of the relatively high prices of gliptins.

Ziten and Zita Plus Products in India

In 2015, we launched our brands of Teneligliptin at a 55% discount to the other gliptins. Following an encouraging response from prescribers, we lowered the daily cost of therapy to the patient even further, helping millions of Indian diabetics who stood to benefit from gliptins - but couldn't afford it - to access therapy. In doing so, we have expanded the contribution of gliptins to the overall anti-diabetes market in India by 7% to 31% in the three years since launch. The number of patients on gliptins has tripled to nearly 4 Mn. Glenmark's Teneligliptin franchise leads the overall gliptin market in India with a 54% share.

It is estimated that one out of three Indians has high blood pressure. However, 57% of those afflicted are unaware of their condition.

1 of 3 Indians

has high blood pressure

57% of patients

are unaware of
their condition

Glenmark R&D Center

As makers of Telma, a leading brand of anti-hypertensive drug, Glenmark has been investing in spreading awareness and improving diagnosis of high blood pressure through a series of initiatives that have contributed to protecting patients from the devastating complications of uncontrolled hypertension such as stroke and heart disease.

Telma in India

Glenmark has also been reaching out to the Indian consumer directly with a range of OTC products that have received an overwhelming acceptance in the market. VWash Plus, our intimate hygiene brand for women, has created a new category and has grown at a CAGR of 51% with Top of Mind awareness greater than 80%. We followed up the launch with wipes, travel packs and value packs that have further cemented the VWash brand image as an expert in intimate hygiene. To own the space, we launched VWash WOW, our brand of sanitary napkins, in January 2018 with benefits such as Stain Proof, Super Dry Feel and Irritation Free Protection, which are highly valued by customers. Capitalising on the power of our flagship prescription brand Candid, we migrated Candid Dusting Powder to the OTC category, where it has accelerated the growth of the category and is the undisputed number one brand. We also combined the stalwart brand with product innovation

to launch Candid Activ, India’s first anti-perspirant powder, and Candid Renew, the country’s first calamine-based talc, in April 2018. Our globally-recognised dandruff solution ‘Scalpe+’ that

was launched two years ago is poised to make a dent in the antidandruff shampoo category. With our offerings across portfolios and brands, we are adding considerable value to the Indian consumer.

Glenmark’s Consumer Care Range