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Evolution of Glenmark

We are at the threshold of an exciting phase - one that holds great promise. In a short span of 17 years, not only have we evolved into a successful global branded generics organisation; but have also built a reputation of being an innovation driven organisation in a space dominated by global pharmaceutical giants. Over the years, we expanded our manufacturing footprint to 16 facilities across the world and augmented our international operations to build a strong overseas presence. We onboarded the best talent who shared our vision of taking Glenmark to new heights of success.

Over the next decade, we expect to unlock many new opportunities that will help us transform into a leading innovative global pharmaceutical company.

Evolved into a successful global organisation over the last 17 years

Year 2000
Year 2017

Wealth Creation

Manufacturing Footprint

International Operations


Note: Non core assets include GRC 17536, GBR 900 and GBR 500. These three molecules and GRC 27864 are candidates for out-licensing.


Year 2000
Year 2017

Note: Revenues for FY2000 and FY2017.FX Rate: USD 1 = Rs67