The Technology

BEAT® antibodies have demonstrated excellent stability and production yields. By implementing a “built-in” purification technology,

Glenmark has been able to achieve a very high degree of bispecific purity after a single Protein A chromatography step.

BEAT® scFv x FAB Format: Unique MW- Unique Advantage

Unique advantages

  • BEAT® antibodies are manufactured from a stable CHO cell line using standard processes
  • Built-in purification technology facilitates manufacturing to commercial scale
  • Ability to modify Fc mediated effector functions
  • Regular antibody pharmacokinetics
  • Low immunogenicity profile
  • scFv x FAB BEAT® antibodies are easily identifiable from their unique MW)

Heterodimerization vs. Expression Levels of BEAT®Stable CHO Cell Clones

Expression and heterodimer assessment of a range of stable BEAT® CHO clones.

BEAT®: A Scalable Process

BEAT® antibodies are engineered to overcome contamination with any traces of homodimers during scale-up. Homodimers are simply separated using their difference in affinity for Protein A.

Stable BEAT® antibody CHO cell lines have shown levels of expression and purity which have not yet been reported by any other heavy chain heterodimerization techniques, making BEAT® a best-in-class technology to produce bispecific antibodies.