Enriching Lives  

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Chairman's Message  

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Social-Environment impact meter FY 2015-16  

Water Conservation
Million Liters Saved
Electricity Conservation
Megawatt-Hours Saved
Waste Management
Metric Tonnes Co-Processed
Fuel Consevation
Kilo Liters Saved
Amounts to annual drinking water requirement of more than 1,17,000 PEOPLE in rural India
Can light up more than 55,000 RURAL HOUSEHOLDS for one year
Resulted in reduction of more than 122 TONNES of carbon emissions
Equivalent to more than 18,000 TREES planted

About Glenmark  

We are a leading research driven, integrated, global pharmaceutical organization, relentlessly striving to make the lives of patients better across the globe since 1977. Listed with Indian stock exchange since 2000, Glenmark has a current market capitalization of approximately USD 3.6 billion. In the pursuit of enriching lives, Glenmark has rapidly evolved into a global organization and a leading player in the discovery of novel molecules. We are actively engaged in the development of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and New Biological Entities (NBEs), in our Research & Development centers in India and Switzerland.