A decade ago, Glenmark entered antihypertensive segment in Indian pharmaceutical market. Today we are leaders in the segment and have introduced several new variants to bring radical shift in the management of blood pressure.

Telma and Razel are our leading brands.

Glenmark has been committed to the cause of disease detection and patient awareness programs through our initiatives like the Hypertension detection squad & Chota Badlav. These dedicated teams screen millions of patients every year to help them overcome the challenge of cardiovascular disorders.

Over the years, we have successfully developed several products that help treat various diseases like MI, angina, heart failure, hypertension and lipid abnormalities. As leaders, we have been instrumental in shaping the therapy area, by introducing novel and affordable drugs and patient management services.  We strive to offer valuable academic services like CMEs, Medical workshops and Medical updates to medical fraternity. 

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