Our Policy

As a leading pharmaceutical organization dedicated to enriching lives, we at Glenmark are committed to protect the environment, human health and safety across all our operations globally by adopting the following principles:

  • We shall comply with all applicable statutory EHS and other requirements at all times and our effort shall be to exceed these standards where appropriate.
  • We shall consider EHS aspects in all our business strategies and initiatives.
  • We are committed to reduce the EHS impact throughout the lifecycle of our products.
  • Our senior management is committed to continual improvement of our EHS performance by providing a safer and healthy workplace, conserving natural resources, preventing pollution, reducing carbon emission intensity, protecting biodiversity,ecology and designing facilities that minimize environmental impact for long term sustainability of Glenmark.
  • We shall focus towards reducing waste in any form and ensure its safe disposal.
  • We are committed to protect all employees from injury and exposure to any substance or activity which may be hazardous to health through regular training, hazard identification, risk assessment and safety audits.
  • We shall provide EHS training for each employee to have the knowledge and skill to perform their work safely and in an environmentally conscious manner.
  • We shall establish sound EHS objectives and communicate our EHS risks, performance and progress to all our internal and external stakeholders.
  • We shall guide, encourage and influence our suppliers, communities and business associates to adhere to our EHS practices.